BükClub Resources

Here is a form you can use to help write your BükClub summary/review.

Here is a business card sized advertisement you can print off and share with friends to promote BükClub.
(Don't forget to set your printer to 'duplex' or 'front and back'.) 

Print them off and:You instantly have a certified "BukClub BukMark"!
Leave with your tip at a restaurant!Give to friends!
Leave on the inside of books at book stores!
Laminate them and use as coasters!
Slip one into a deck of playing cards!
Insert it into the photo sleeve of your wallet and when sharing pictures of your family you can say "and this is a picture of my BukClub!" 

Warning: Do not attempt to use your BukClub Card as a makeshift library card - libraries will not accept them.